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FAQ for Nexus Card

1. Customer : How do I apply for a Nexus card?
Agent  : Anyone above 18 years of age can apply for a Nexus card from any of the Keells Super outlets. The Nexus instant card is for a two year validity period.
2. Customer : How much is the two year card?
Agent  : Two year card Rs 350
3. Customer : How long will it take to issue a Nexus card?
Agent  : Now you can get your Nexus card immediately off the counter
4. Customer : How do I collect Nexus points?
Agent  : Nexus customer’s have to produce their Nexus card at the point of transaction at any of the Nexus merchant outlets. Points awarded is subject to change depending on the merchant.
5. Customer : What is Nexus?
Agent  : Nexus is a loyalty card issued by Nexus Networks Pvt Ltd. Customers can collect and redeem Nexus points.
6. Customer : How many points should be there to start redeeming?
Agent  : A minimum of 20 points should be collected to start redeeming.
7. Customer : One nexus point equals to how many rupees?
Agent  : One point equals one rupee.
8. Customer : How do I check my balance points?
Agent  : Simply log on to the Nexus website or SMS by typing Nexus then space and type the card number without any spaces and send to 8834 or contact the Nexus hotline on 0777 733 833/0112 303 500
9. Customer : What are the benefits of having a Nexus card?
Agent  : Nexus card holders can collect Nexus points from any Nexus merchant and enjoy additional seasonal discounts as well as other offers.
10. Customer : How many merchants does Nexus have?
Agent  : More than 60 merchants.
11. Customer : Who are all the Nexus merchants?
Agent  : Log on to the Nexus website on
12. Customer : How can I transfer my Amex M R points to blue nexus card?
Agent  : We need a conformation letter or you can drop a mail to
13. Customer : I have 100 balance points in my card. Can I use the points as well as pay by cash to renew my card?
Agent  : That is not possible since only cash or points is valid for a renewal. Both options cannot be used at the same time.